Wednesday, October 12, 2016

International Physicists Network is born!

Great news! A new network of young physics researchers is born!
International Physicists Network (IPN) is a new italian no-profit organisation with the aim of building a national and international network of young physics researchers, and with the goal to create fruitful collaborations within different physics areas.

IPN has been founded by 11 researchers and professionals with a general background but multidisciplinary specialisation in physics: Davide Pietrobon (president), Marina Migliaccio (vice-president), Giordano Cattani (treasurer), Emanuela Pusceddu (secretary), Fabio Agostini, Claudia Antolini, Marco Di Stefano, Giacomo Fragione, Lorenzo Pagnanini, Matteo Serra and Francesco Stellato.
The main projects of IPN are the organisation of the Young Researcher Meeting, an yearly multidisciplinary conference aimed at students and young researcher in physics, with the goal to foster discussions and exchange of ideas in an informal atmosphere, and the Dandelion project (in collaboration with Find your doctor), a platform which allows to complement the traditional top-down approach to the job-market with an innovative bottom-up mechanism.