Who We Are

The Project

TGR is a nonprofit outreach project that was initially supported by the European Community through the Intra-European Marie Curie contracts aStronGR-2011-298297 and AstroGRAphy-2013-623439 and by FCT - Portugal through projects CERN/FP/123593/2011 and IF/00293/2013. It is now supported by the European Research Council through the ERC DarkGRA project.

TGR Writers
We are physicists. Not of the kind you can see in movies or TV series, though. We are a heterogeneous group of master students, researchers, Ph.D. students and people that, willing or not, share their life with us.
We are mostly "exiles", because one of the funniest part of our work is to travel continuously and work worldwide. We often share that kind of mood which is a mixture between missing our home country and being excited to live elsewhere. On the other hand, our condition provides us with a unique window on education, research and life in many different places, an experience that we believe is worth sharing.

Want to Join?
Are you a researcher, student or professor working  on research/education fields related to gravity? Would you like to join our TGR Writer team? Just go to the contribution page and contact us!

Why the title?
The youngest of you would think this is a gravity room. Actually, the title refers to this. That is an example of free fall room, where people inside (usually -- but not always -- trained astronauts)  feel no gravity.
Gravity rooms have to do with reference frames and relativity, so they are wonderful places to discuss and exchange ideas. Probably, if it weren't for gravity rooms (aka Einstein's beloved elevators) we would never have had a beautiful theory as General Relativity...

Beside this, do you find something better with \[T_{\mu\nu}, G_{\mu\nu} \text{ and } R_{\mu\nu}??\]

Our partners:

Current TGR contributors:

Paolo Pani
Researcher at Sapienza University of Rome (ITA)
Interests: black-hole physics, gravity

Past TGR contributors:

Matteo Bacchetti

Postdoc at Italian Institute for Astrophysics in Cagliari  (ITA)
Interests: astrophysics

Matteo Cadeddu

PhD student at Cagliari U. (ITA)
Interests: Dark Matter, astroparticle physics, neutrinos

Andrea Contu
Postdoc at INFN and CERN
Cagliari (IT) and Geneva (CH)
Member of the LHCb collaboration
Interests: particle physics

Francesco Dettori
CERN Fellow (CH)
Member of the LHCb collaboration
Interests: particle physics

Francesca Dordei
PhD at MPI, Heidelberg (GER) 
Member of the LHCb collaboration
Interests: particle physics

Silvia Manconi
PhD at Turin University (ITA) 
Interests: dark-matter phenomenology, astroparticle physics

Nicola Perra
Senior Lecturer at Greenwich U.
London (UK)
Interests: complex networks

Saeed Mirshekari
Postdoc at ICTP-SAIFRSão Paulo (Brazil)
Member of the LIGO collaboration
Interests: astrophysics, gravitation
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