Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Bday Gravity Room!

During a boring weekend in Lisbon, it was April 21st 2012, this blog was coming to light. Today it's a good occasion to draw some conclusions on the first year of this project.*

150 published posts : almost one post every other day and almost 3 posts per week.

9 bloggers : a special thanks is due today to all who contributed to this project so far and specially to Matteo, without whom the blog would have died long ago. Indeed, best and most viewed posts are by him [see below]. Resolution for next year: to increase this number and to have a more homogeneous distribution among bloggers [right Scrilly and Francesco? And what about Nicola?]

Some data from Google Stats

30,014 pageviews all time history: that is 82 pageviews per day on average. This number is quite impressive, as it does not include the traffic by the authors]

I can understand Italy, U.S. and Portugal, but where are all our fans from Russia?

The question here is: 11% people using IE?!?
This is very sad.... Even within our biased community, Windows is by far the most used O.S. and Macintosh is quickly reaching Linux's second position
Good to know that 62 people checked out our blog by googling the keyword "nuvole" [clouds]

The Gravity Room Awards

The Top 10 Most Viewed Post Chart is ruled by Matteo, who wrote 9 out of 10 most viewed posts. On position #6 we find Francesco with his single post. It's embarrassing to note that my posts are the least viewed :) 

And finally a big warm thanks to all readers who make this project less pointless. Hope you'll keep enjoy the reading in the next years too!

* This post was written at home on April 19th 2013, during the forced closing of Cambridge and Boston areas due to the manhunt related to Boston Marathon's tragedy. Sometimes it's nice to stay put at home...
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