Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pre-celeberating 2015 for 100 years of Einstein's General Relativity and maybe more...

In a few weeks we will all land in the exciting year of 2015! Many people will be celebrating New Year, as usual! (but still exciting) But, unusually, gravity physicists will be celebrating 100 years of General Relativity after Albert Einstein. 

in 2015, gravitational-wave physicists, although, may have one extra celebration to do on the top of others, which is celebrating the first direct detection of gravitational waves! Advanced version of gravitational-wave detectors will start to take data in a few month, hunting wild celestial gravitational-wave sources such as black-holes and neutron-stars. I'll write more about this here some time soon. But for now, you may check out my earlier post in Gravity Room.

Anyways, just before entering in to 2015, Princeton University has recently released The Digital Einstein Papers in an open-access website which is an awesome collection and an excellent holiday reading! All the papers are in both English and German languages.

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