Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Reading

Last year was "Fifty shades of Grey". This summer --no matter if you are sunbathing, hiking or enjoying desolated cities-- if you start pondering about black holes, superradiance, and related subjects, we got you covered:

The book will be soon available on the Springer webpage and on Amazon. Hurry up to buy a copy containing the typo in Vitor's name before they fix it. Those copies will be priceless hundred years from now :)

The book will be available in August but can be already pre-ordered. It costs $60 in the U.S. and about 45 Euros in Europe and the authors get about the 10% of the profit. This means that each of the authors (Richard, "Victor" and I) will get about 3 Euros for each sold copy. Taking "50 shades of Grey" as a reference, a back-of-the-envelope estimate suggests we might become rich in ~10^9 years.

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