Sunday, January 31, 2016

Recommended by us: Science Pie - A podcast about physics, history, literature and much more

Dennis Schulz, a physics student, and Annika Brockschmidt, a history and German student, are two podcast enthusiasts based in Heidelberg (Germany).

They created the independent podcast Science Pie, focussing on the variety of subjects science can offer. Their topics range from history to physics, from literature to engineering, in particular interdisciplinary work - a range of topics hard to find in the jungle of podcasts. They often use interviews with an involved researcher or professor as a base for the episodes.
And all of this is provided in a bilingual version (English/German) and a special care for details.

Dennis and Annika’s podcast successfully meets the effort of joining science curiosities, interesting stories about people and a collection of knowledge and facts on history, literature and myths. Join them and enjoy!

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