Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Important notes for bloggers (and for followers)

As you can see, we have  made some changes in the blog layout.
I finally gave up with the Dynamical View layout, which is really full of bugs and too restrictive. The present layout is preliminary, but it already includes 2 important features:

1) In the right panel, there appears the "Sort posts by language" menu. This means that each contributor has to set the labels ENGL, ITA, SARDU, etc... depending on the language of the post. We should also make an effort to do it retroactively, i.e. put the language flags in all older posts.
On the other hand, the reader can now easily sort the posts according to her/his preferences.

2) We can (finally!!) use "Page Break". This means that we can break the main page like this:

and continue here. Only the first part will be shown in the homepage.

Again (for the blogger) please use this option for long posts in order to improve readability.

Any other suggestions (these are due to Francesco) and feedback is welcome!

Enjoy! :)
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