Thursday, June 7, 2012

Love is an 3n1gm4 code

This evening there will be a nice seminar in Cagliari organized by the association Collettivo Redshift (of which I am honored to be a member) in collaboration with ARC association and LGBT CERN association.

Love is an 3n1gm4 code
The LGBT* subset of the scientific community.
From Alan Turing to nowadays queer scientists.
As you might guess from the title, the starting point for the discussion is Alan Turing and in particular his troubled life due to persecutions towards his sexuality... up to the final tragic suicide.
If this is the result of the situation in the scientific community 60 years ago, what is the situation now? Is it true that the scientific environment is more open-minded and friendly?
For those who are in Cagliari here are some more infos:
Facebook event
Queeresima Event

for those who cannot be there: what is your personal experience? 
Tell us what you think in the comments to this post! 

Note: the seminar will be mostly in Italian, but instant translation in English will be available.
* For the few who don't know, LGBT stands for Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender and is intended for all the possible nuances of gender and sexual identity.
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