Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zombies at CERN!

The Halloween night is just round the corner and I could not keep myself from showing you a film trailer dealing with a very well themed topic: ZOMBIES!
Well, you might think I’m going mad: it might even be Halloween but what the point of talking about zombies in The Gravity Room?

A link to the physics actually does exist: in fact the gruesome zombie transformation in the film appears to be caused by a sort of malfunctioning or “unexpected reaction” in the world’s biggest particle accelerator LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN in Geneva.
That’s science fiction friends, (almost) nothing is forbidden, so let’s keep our disgust at bay when we hear about a particular decay which is able to provoke a human body transmutation creating people who feed on other people and who manifest the typical zombie behavior we are used to. Although quite bizarre this story may even appear more likely than a bit older one, told to be trustful and talking about the creation in LHC of a black hole able to swallow our planet and our existence (heard the hurray from the fans of conspiracies and Maya?). That risk was considered so real that someone presented a very appeal to a very court, pretending to prove the danger of such experiments and asking them to stop immediately. Not so long ago the judges proclaimed that “there is no objective reason to doubt about the safety reports” and may the accusation be happy with it. (Here you find the link about the news)

Let’s now switch back to our film. DECAY has been shot by some PhD. students and as you may imagine, the film setting is at CERN laboratories. The film will be freely available online, under a creative commons-type licence. Let’s congratulate with those guys and girls, for free time is typically not very much during PhD studies. Perhaps the dark nights they presumably spent in the control room while keeping an eye on the particle beam sharpened their nightmarish imagination. Enjoy the film trailer and have a nice Halloween! :D
Here the official website:
(Per la versione in italiano clicca qui)
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