Saturday, March 2, 2013

Workshop + School in Lisbon

Next two weeks will be very busy in Lisbon (i'm flying back tomorrow). Next week at IST we have the pleasure to host and organize the first "Strong Gravity Beyond GR: from theory to observations" workshop.

The workshop logo. Here is the webpage
The purpose is to organize a friendly and relaxed meeting for a limited number of scientists who work on gravitational theories aiming at correcting General Relativity and on experimental tests of gravity in general. Next few years will witness a wealth of new astrophysical data: second-generation interferometers promise to detect gravitational waves for the first time, very precise observations of the Milky Way center will allow to infer the properties of the supermassive black hole lurking at it and the exponential grow of cosmological observations will open new windows through which "The Theory" of gravity will reveal itself. This is just the perfect time to organize such a meeting in Europe! I'll try to report on the ongoing events, although each time i promise that I failed miserably...

The logo of the NR/HEP2: Spring School

Moreover, in two weeks from now the IST will host a Spring School on topics at the edge between Numerical Relativity and High Energy physics. The NR/HEP2: Spring School is an event organized within a long-term initiative involving the Universities of Aveiro, Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Rome Sapienza”, Barcelona, Belém do Pará in Brazil, Mississippi and the DAMTP at Cambridge U. Five intense days of lectures are scheduled and, beside one silly guy, i guarantee the speakers are all excellent and it will be fun.

Anyway, these are wonderful excuses for me to take a rest from Boston and enjoy Portuguese weather, food and friends... more soon from Lisboa!

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