Sunday, September 9, 2012

Physics rocks

Since it's Sunday, I suggest you something a bit relaxing, but always about (particle?) physics.
Is it only me or recently there is a new* explosion of physics oriented rock songs?
I let you decide; in the meantime I will write here some examples which came quickly to my mind, but we can think of this as a "running" post, which can be updated at any moment with other songs.

Radiohead - Supercollider 
First of all, Radiohead, yes. They've written a song clearly influenced by the LHC.
Super collider
Dust in a moment
Particles scatter
Parting from the soup
Even if the collider is probably just an excuse to talk about something else!

Muse - Supermassive Black Hole 

Some time ago, the Muse wrote "Supermassive Black Hole" which does not need an introduction being a world hit. I admit the lyrics aren't really about physics topics, but the influence of "recent" astrophysics theories is obvious.

Gogol Bordello - Supertheory of Supereverything 

Finally the gipsy-american band Gogol Bordello wrote another Super song, where they literally talk about superstring theory, how to test it with colliders and the clash between religious thinking and science-based observations (yes!).
Put me inside SSC
Let's test superstring theory
Oh yoi yoi accelerate the protons
stir it twice and then just add me,
'cause I don't read the Bible
I don't trust disciple
I don't know how old is this song (the album dates back in 2007) but is clearly not up to date as quotes the SSC as collider, which was unfortunately never built.

Giorgio Canali e Rossofuoco- Mme e Mr Curie 

I conclude (for the moment) with a song (only in italian unfortunately) which is inspired by and Mr Curie. The lyrics are clearly far from talking about physics... however I wanted to add it as it's not common to have a love song inspired by two scientists.
Et voilà,
in a daguerreotype, and Mr Curie,
with their radioactive smile.

I was about to forget to say that these are also musically very nice songs ;)

* I say new because in the sixties and seventies a lot of rock was influenced by the new progresses of science, especially concerning astronomy...
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